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Palm Pre Struts its Stuff, Makes iPhone 3.0 look bad

by Jonathan Downer Tue, 07 Apr 2009 12:03 pm EDT

While not exactly the freshest of news (and for my tardiness, I do apologize), there were some exciting Pre demos shown off at an otherwise relatively bland CTIA this past week. While we didn't hear any news of a release date, and while our compadre Dieter still didn't get to run away with a Pre to play with in a dark corner by himself, we did see some new features by way of third party applications.

Apple Insider has written up an interesting article highlighting how some of these third party demos go a long way to show just how limited the iPhone (3.0 even) is in comparison to Palm's wunderkind. The biggest things we saw were the Fandango app and its ability to schedule purchased movies onto the calendar  (so cool), and perennial favorite Pandora making good use of the notification bar. Be sure to check out the article, as well as Dieter's own video walkthrough (which hopefully you've seen by now).

So! How does the Pre's third party application access look to you? It certainly seems to put "frenemy #1" to task, but we've also yet to really see the new iPhone 3.0 notification system in-action (beyond the keynote demo), though it almost certainly won't be as comprehensive as the Pre. Give us your thoughts in the comments!

(Thanks to Renee over at TiPb for the tip)