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Palm Pre To Sync with iTunes Directly?

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 28 May 2009 9:44 am EDT

A report surfaced overnight at Fortune claiming that -- on a Mac at least -- the Palm Pre will sync with iTunes directly.  Unlike BlackBerry Media sync (which is PC-only), Fortune claims that the Pre has firmware on the device itself and doesn't require third party software to work. Of course, it won't sync over DRM content.

If the Pre does indeed just show up as a standard device on iTunes, it would be big news -- but it wouldn't be unprecedented.  Apple has allowed other OEMs to license the necessary APIs to talk directly to iTunes so they can show up as a device.  If you take a gander at the list of compatible players on Apple's support site, you'll see that Rio players, Nomad Players, and others will all work with iTunes directly (not to mention various Motorola phones).

If true, the rumor raises a few questions: Will it work on PCs?  Did Apple seriously license APIs for iTunes to a company that's releasing what many consider the best challenge yet to the iPhone?  We're seriously doubting that latter option, which means we're seriously curious about how exactly Palm is pulling this particular trick off.