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Palm Pre - Will Production Match the Demo?

by Annie Latham Sat, 31 Jan 2009 5:42 pm EST

Last Saturday, David LaGesse, senior business writer for U.S.News & World Report and author of Dave's Downloads blog, offered his thoughts on the Palm Pre during an interview with WTOP radio.

LaGesse, true to his "simplifying technology into plain English" style of communication, took the angle of how the Pre name is approprate, since this device "tries to do the thinking for you" -- ahead of you.

He explained Palm's "stack of cards" approach which will enable you to sort of shuffle through tasks with out leaving them entirely.   This is something other smartphones can't do.  He remarked:

"If they can really pull it off as good as their demonstration, they may have a winner here."

You can listen to the entire 3 minute podcast here.

If you listen to the podcast, you will hear the interviewer is somewhat taken aback with the "if they can pull it off" comment.  It's clear that LaGesse is being cautiously optimistic. But that raises an interesting point -- we know that the demos we saw weren't using the actual production version of the Pre's webOS (mainly because there were all sorts of 'secret key combos' that were being used to initiate some of the demos).

Perhaps because we are pulling so much for the Pre to be a winner, we have actually been leaping to the conclusion that the production version will rock. In a way, LaGesse is bringing us all down to earth by helping to manage our expectations -- which is a good thing.

Case in point, remember all the pre-release buzz the BlackBerry Storm got?  Did you see the stories in the last few weeks?  Here's one example.

With that in mind, what do you think? Are you hoping for the Pre to merely match the demos, beat them, or are you taking the pessimist's route?