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Palm Profile Manager gets a small update

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 22 Apr 2011 6:39 pm EDT

If you head over to the Palm Profile Manager right now and log in using any profile that you've activated in the past, you'll see a few small changes have been made to the page that give us thoughts about the future. Up until now, logging into a profile would give you access to manage the current ONE device that is logged into that profile, and allow you to perform such tasks as remote-wipe a device (when lost/stolen), or look up bits of data like the S/N or MEID. 

Today, though, Palm has given us an update to add a new feature to the "device options" menu in the right-most column, and added two new device info columns that hint at a feature coming with the Touchpad release. The new feature, which is shown in the center column after clicking "device options", will allow you to "Remove From My Profile" the device that you are currently looking at. A simple click and the device is now freed from that profile to allow you to log into another without erasing all of the data off of the device (except, of course, profile data). It's a handy tool for those of us with multiple profiles and devices for testing applications or settings.

The two new device information columns that have been added, Device Name (to the very left column) and Product (fourth from the right), hint at a feature we've been expecting to come for a while with the TouchPad. How else are we supposed to pair a Pre 3 and TouchPad for sharing apps and using the Touch to Share feature without allowing them to share the same profile? And if they're already bringing this feature to the Palm Profile manager site, we can assume that there are people out in the wild with the TouchPad and Pre 3 combo that are testing some final builds on devices/OS's.

Like we said, the update isn't much, and it doesn't really confirm anything specifically about release dates or how profiles will react to being on multiple devices. But it does give us some clues about what we might expect to be in the public soon. For all our sakes, we hope it's very, very soon.

Source: Palm Profile via: WebOS Internals (Twitter)