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Palm Profile Pic and Hands-On Video

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 21 May 2009 10:05 pm EDT

Doc31 in our forums got his mitts on a Palm Pre on the sly and has sent in a short video.  Basically what you're looking at here is the initial set up screen for creating your Palm Profile.  From the looks of the quick video, it gives you a quick option to call into Sprint Customer service if the screen confuses you.  We've seen mention of the Palm Profile in various leaks and the Palm Pre Box Materials.  In the comments on that last post, gollyzila kindly provided us with a translation about the Palm Profile:

To utilize your Palm Pre phone, you must accept the terms and conditions of Palm and create A PALM PROFILE - by introducing an active email address. [...]A Palm profile lets you access services such as automatic backup of your data and much more.

Doc31 also kindly posted up his impressions of the device as well. Check out his post for the whole skinny, but here's our favorite bits:

This thing feels GREAT. SOLID but kind of organic, its kind of hard to explain but it feels GREAT  [...] Very simple the best slider I have ever felt. When open its like a expensive knife when the handle is balanced with the blade, or maybe its just because it rest in my palm well. [...] Also I just wanted to say the OS as a whole looks amazing. It just feels fresh and new and I promise a lot of people will be impressed with just the call screen alone.

Big ups to you, Doc31!  Heck, he's even making some sweet sweet wallpapers - real smartphones do indeed multitask, sir!  Be sure you check out his post for more photos of the Pre!

Quick shakycam video after the break -- here's what your in-call screen will look like, folks!