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Palm releases webOS 2.0 SDK

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 31 Aug 2010 2:00 pm EDT

  webOS 2.0 Beta SDK

Palm has released the webOS 2.0 Beta SDK to developers - go grab it at Palm's Developer Center (developers will need to sign up for the early access program). The SDK is emulator-only for now, but developers can use it to get a glimpse as some of the many features coming in webOS 2.0 - see our full breakdown.

The Beta SDK will give Early Access developers their first look at the new features available to them, including Stacks, improved Synergy support, Just Type & Quick Actions, Hybrid PDK/SDK apps, improved Javascript support, Mojo Core, improved HTML5, and more. Palm's Touchstone-based Exhibition feature isn't present in this release, but should be available soon. 

Developers interested in getting their hands on the webOS 2.0 SDK should send an email to to join the Early Access Program. To be eligible, you need to be both a registered developer and have an app in the Palm App Catalog. If you're already registered with the Early Access Program, all you need do is log in and get to it.

Palm says they're committed to opening up webOS with 2.0 and extending what's already great about it. Developers - how's it look to you?

Source: Palm Developer Center