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Palm's Mike Abbott lands at Twitter

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 19 Apr 2010 10:01 pm EDT

While we knew that Palm's soon-to-be-former SVP of Software and Services was leaving Palm (while other exec at the company got some juicy stock options), now we know where he's headed: Twitter. As TechCrunch reports, Abbott is taking over as the VP of Engineering at Twitter.

We wished you best of luck, Mike, and it looks like you found a growing place. Just make sure that as Twitter starts churning out their new purchase Tweetie for various mobile platforms webOS doesn't get left out in the cold, okay?

Of course, the big question for the webOS-world is who is going to take Abbott's place at Palm come April 24th? Just one more thing we hope to learn at the Palm Developer Day this coming weekend.