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Palm's new ad campaign: Celebrating the 'Mobile Expressionist'

by Derek Kessler Mon, 20 Dec 2010 9:58 pm EST

Shane O

Years ago, Palm CEO Ed Colligan coined the term ‘mobile accomplisher,’ meant to describe the type of folks that used Palm’s PDAs and smartphones. Today, Colligan and the gang are gone and Palm is now owned by HP, and it’s time for a new advertising campaign: the mobile expressionists.

Palm is reaching out to webOS developers to feature their works in a new marketing campaign focusing on ‘mobile expressionism.’ What is that, you ask? As Palm explained in an email to developers, the mobile expressionist is the innovative and artistic developer, many of whom were just honored with our Best of 2010 Awards. Palm is looking to feature these developers in success stories and even short documentaries to be advertised on ‘developer and tech web sites.’

While Palm isn’t direct about their intent, the purpose behind this campaign is made clear by the targeted websites: getting more developers on board with webOS. Applications are the key to any modern smartphone platform, and the relatively low number of webOS apps (at least in comparison to the oodles available to iOS and Android users) was part of Palm’s downfall. By targeting the sites that mobile developers frequent, Palm is hoping to convince more of them to ‘join the movement.’ We can think of more than a few webOS developers that would be perfect for this kind of campaign.

Source: Palm, Via: webOSroundup