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Palm Sighting: The Defenders

by Derek Kessler Mon, 11 Oct 2010 11:16 am EDT

Sprint Palm Pre and Palm Pixi on The Defenders

Sometimes we see a Pre, sometimes a Pixi... but both? In the same scene? Right next to each other? Unheard of, at least until now. It was the pilot episode of the new television series The Defenders on CBS that brought this crazy random happenstance, and we even get to see the Sprint Pre running a native UI (unsure what’s going on in with the motion-blurred Pixi). Granted, the show’s producers took some liberties to and made the phone’s background appear to be a super-huge-letters text message (and what’s this, a missed call?), but we’ll give them a bit on artistic license there. But here’s a question... why’s Jim Belushi the one with the Pixi?

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