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Palm Sightings: FlashForward

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Mar 2010 5:29 pm EDT

Palm Pre on FlashForward

If there’s one show that’s featured the Palm Pre more than 24, it’s FlashForward. The folks of the FBI Mosaic task force have been toting Pre phones around their post-global blackout world for months now, giving the phone significant screen time in multiple episodes. Such are the benefits of having Sprint as a major sponsor of your show. Last night’s two-hour mid-season re-premiere of FlashForward brought us plenty more Palm Pre action from the FBI. Above, Agent Janis Hawk’s (Christine Woods) Pre, running a custom app that lets her track those extra-fun ankle collars from her phone. After the break, more hot Palm action.

Palm Pre on FlashForward

That extended depth of field camera came in useful for Special Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes), documenting an entire wall of, well, documents for later review. Though the FBI must have done some tinkering, as it seems his phone was whining with an old-school xenon flash bulb.

Palm Pre on FlashForward

Even the bad guys have Pre phones, as a leather case for a Pre was recovered from a crime scene. In fact, that’s the first time we can even recall hearing “Palm Pre” mentioned on air. Another perk of being the big time show sponsor.

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