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Palm Sightings: How I Met Your Mother, Eastwick, and Medium

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Mar 2010 9:49 am EST

Palm Pre on How I Met Your Mother

It seems that these people on the teletube keep getting dud Pre phones with faulty proximity sensors. Or maybe they just don’t open up the phone app and let the Pre keep glowing for effect. Such is the case on How I Met Your Mother, where Marshall (Jason Segel) was spotted with a new Pre. The character has previously sported a Treo 755p, other characters carry around a Centro or two.

Palm Pre on Eastwick

New York City sitcoms aren’t the only folks toting Pre phones, as the residents of Eastwick will tell you. Investigative journalist Penny (Sara Rue) of the Eastwick Gazette was recently sighted sporting a Pre, and like Marshall hers also isn’t turning off when she uses it as a phone.

Palm Pre on Medium

Lastly for this go around is Medium, which this season has moved from NBC to CBS. Detective Scanlon (David Cubitt) and Deputy Mayor Lynn DiNovi (Tina DiJoseph) go out on a date to get away from the episode’s ear-screeching baby theme, only to have Lynn desperately texting back home to the babysitter. Good thing the Pre on Sprint comes with unlimited messaging, but even then it’s just rude to text during date night.

Have you spotted the Pre, Pixi, or other Palm device on your favorite show? Drop us a note at with the show and a few relevant details like air date, time in the episode, and an online video link if you've got one!

Thanks to pimpko911 and Kyle for the How I Met Your Mother tip, Brandon and Miles for the heads-up on Eastwick, and Matt, Rough67, DJ SerQet, Christina for Medium!