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Palm Sightings: NUMB3RS, The Colbert Report, Heroes

by Derek Kessler Tue, 02 Mar 2010 9:44 am EST

Palm Pre and Treo Pro on NUMB3RS

Today we've got three more Palm sightings to bring you: two Pre, a Pixi, and even a Treo Pro. First up we'll look at NUMB3RS, where Dr. Charlie Eppes is seen sporting a Palm Pre early in the show, only to be talking on a Treo Pro twenty minutes later. So either he's got two cell accounts, or being the mathematical genius that he is, Eppes has figured out how to get two phones on the same Sprint account. Or the NUMB3RS prop department screwed consistency in the way that only geeks like us would notice.

Up next is the Palm device that we spotted on The Colbert Report: the Pixi, which found itself in a segment on taser use. The phone appeared as a graphic representing a Syracuse, New York woman who was pulled over and eventually tased under suspicion of using a cell phone while driving (a ticketable offence in New York). Either the woman had a Pixi on her, which we would consider especially unfair to all the rest of us that won’t be getting it on October 20th, or there’s a Palm fan working in the Colbert Report’s graphics department. And apologies to those reading from their phones - there are no YouTube versions of these clips just yet.

Last up is Heroes, which we got a heads up about last month. The Pre plays a fairly inconspicuous part in the season premiere, serving as the backdrop phone in an ad for the “Dial a Hero” service that Hiro and Ando are starting. Oddly, they have a Sprint Pre as the phone for a service in Tokyo. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm fairly certain that Sprint does not offer service in Japan. Ah, the perils of product placement.

Have you spotted the Pre, Pixi, or other Palm device on your favorite show? Drop us a note at with the show and a few relevant details like air date, time in the episode, and an online video link if you've got one!

Thanks to justkeptfading, Jccello1, and jematlock for the tips!