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Palm Sightings: Parenthood and Law & Order: SVU

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Mar 2010 8:36 pm EDT

Palm Pixi on Parenthood

Ah, battery life, it’s the biggest problem afflicting so many modern smartphones, webOS devices included. It’s a lesson that Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham) learned first hand on Parenthood, when her Palm Pixi ended up giving up the power ghost at what was inevitably an inconvenient time. Strangely, her Pixi threw up a very large and very modal battery warning, but honestly we’re not all that surprised that it was changed (the default pop-up battery warning isn’t exactly urgent enough for on-screen panic). Parenthood isn’t the only place where Palm has popped up this week; Law & Order: SVU got in on the hot smartphone action (after the break, naturally).

Palm Pre on Law & Order: SVU

Yup, there it is, the Palm Pre, in the hands of SVU prosecutor Alexandra Cabot (Stephanie March). Not really much more we can say, except that “Oh yeah, webOS rocks at law stuff!” And messaging. And video stuff.

Have you spotted the Pre, Pixi, or other Palm device on your favorite show? Drop us a note at with the show and a few relevant details like air date, time in the episode, and an online video link if you've got one!

Thanks to deltasig, Canteenboy, JMRJosh, and Trickster for the tips!