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Palm Spotting: Raising Hope

by Derek Kessler Wed, 27 Oct 2010 2:49 pm EDT

Pre Plus on Raising Hope

Or should we say “?do? ?u?s??? :?u???ods ???d”? Either way, it’s another Pre Plus sighting, and this time it’s, well, it’s both upside down and sporting a custom UI that boggles our minds. We can see how it was needed for the episode, as an incoming call to a sleeping webOS phone doesn’t give the option for “ignore,” but seriously, you couldn’t even make it right side up? And you gave it such a bland UI - it looks like something you’d find on a feature phone pretending to be smart. Sheesh. Another shot after the break.

Pre Plus on Raising Hope


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Source: Hulu; Thanks to Kevin, Dave, Rafael, and Billy for sending this in!