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Palm takeover 'chatter' swirling again, this time it's RIM (Update: Mainly Lenovo)

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 07 Apr 2010 1:32 pm EDT

A bunch of readers have let us know that Palm's stock is jumping up right now - as of this writing it's up 15% over yesterday's close.

The reason? More takeover chatter which appears to stem from a report from Next Inning Technology Research, who put out a newsletter suggesting that RIM would be a good candidate to acquire Palm.

Update: as Phantom_Pain notes in the comments, the bigger rumor might be Lenovo. You may recall that they purchased the ThinkPad Laptop division from IBM and did a pretty good job with it after the acquisition. Lenovo could potentially be more interesting than the earlier contenders - but then again they are also looking fairly focused on Android right now.

Of course, we're still down on the RIM prospect, original reasons why after the break.


Color us unimpressed - there are plenty of reasons for RIM to take a pass on Palm. Nearly a year ago, a buyout might have made sense - as CrackBerry Kevin himself said last May. Now, however, RIM has a fairly clear roadmap to provide better web browsing and 3D gaming experiences with their own BlackBerry platform. webOS beats BlackBerry on a number of fronts, but you can't just mash the two together and, frankly, RIM is doing pretty well with entry-level smartphone users right now anyway.

webOS is obviously a huge asset, but it's an asset that's not plug-and-play into another company's mobile strategy. As with previous buyout chatter related to MicrosoftDell, and Nokia, a buyout by RIM doesn't seem to make a lot of sense from a technology standpoint or a corporate culture standpoint.

Thanks to everybody who sent this in!