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If you're trying to read the tea leaves on HP & Palm's plans for the Consumer Electronics Show in January, here's a small bit of information to toss in your cup. In previous years we got big events from Palm - the announcement of the Pre itself in 2009 and the Pre Plus / Pixi Plus / PDK gaming in 2010. Many folks have been expecting big things again in 2011 (including the PalmPad), but that picture may be a bit more muddied.

WebOS World took note that HP is no longer listed as a exhibitor for CES (they previously were listed) and looking at Palm's listing we see they're set to have a large meeting room instead of a show-floor booth - same as what we saw earlier.

But as the graphic above exhorts you, don't panic. Palm passing on the show floor is not surprising - in both 2009 and 2010 Palm didn't put their wares out there for the hoi polloi to fondle. Instead they had swank but semi-private digs in the very same room they're listed in for 2011. We'd would have liked to see them change their mind this year and let any old person check out their stuff, but that it what it is.

Stranger is HP no longer showing up on the exhibitor list. We simply can't imagine the world's largest computer maker not showing up for CES whether they intend to to display webOS-based wares or no. More likely is HP is making some changes to their plans for the event.

We'll let you know when we hear more and either way, we'll be live at CES to report on what HP and Palm do (or don't?) have to show.

Source: CES Exhibitor Directory; via webOS World

UPDATE: Turns out HP was just moving around. PreCentral reader Stellarion found that HP has moved from the showroom floor up to North Hall Upper Level Meeting Rooms - N246. Now they've got an entire room to themselves instead of trying to deal with everybody else on the floor.

Source: CES Exhibitor Directory; Thanks Stellarion!