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Palm to tout patent portfolio next month

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 12 Apr 2010 3:54 pm EDT


How's this for a followup to a serious buyout rumor? Palm's Chief Technology Officer Mitch Allen is scheduled to speak on May 11th at "MDB Capital Group's Bright Lights Conference." The topic: Palm's IP and patent portfolio:

Palm's Software CTO, Mitch Allen, will share his insights on Palm's IP leadership and path of innovation where he has worked for the past decade. Mr. Allen has led the development of Palm webOS from conception to implementation.

If you find that interesting, get this: in the press release issued today, the firm hosting the event has a nice little line about Palm's value: "we believe the value of Palm's IP alone is worth between $8 -$9 per share." That's an interesting little commentary on the roller coaster that has been Palm's stock price (trading at around six bucks as of this writing) and the question of whether or not the market is undervaluing Palm's patent portfolio. It could also potentially drive up the price for whoever buys them

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