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Palm to Unveil More Newness at D7, Funny McNamee Video

by Jason Robitaille Fri, 29 May 2009 3:36 pm EDT

Palm's just full of surprises, aren't they.  Back in January, nobody would've expected Palm to come out with such a revolutionary device like the Palm Pre.  Why would they? There were essentially no public leaks.  Ever since the CES announcement, Palm has for the most-part been pretty good at keeping secrets. And in fact, it appears there's still a few secrets Palm has kept hidden from us.

Both Jon Rubinstein and Roger McNamee will be speaking at this year's D7 conference (May 26 to 28). Yesterday Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher (the hosts of D7) kicked things off and had some interesting things to say:

Walt: "And they [Palm] are not only are going to come and talk in more detail about the Palm Pre than you have seen before, but they're actually going to introduce some things that haven't even been speculated, uhh, that the Palm Pre's going to be about to do that haven't even been speculated on the blogs, and they're going to show some cool features."

Kara: "And quite possibly the funniest video ever we've had from Roger McNamee"

You can hear it for yourself in the video here (skip to the 11minute mark).  Unfortunately, the D7 schedule isn't specific, though abarrera tells us Ruby's on today Thursday around noon Pacific.

At this point, we honestly don't know what to expect, but whatever the "one more thing" is, we hope it's big.