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Palm webOS on a Desktop? Foleo Redux?

by Brian Hart Mon, 02 Feb 2009 2:47 pm EST

Although the buzz around here lately is mostly concerning the much-anticipated release of the Palm Pre,  it's also fun to ask the "what if" questions - like what if Palm's new webOS pops up on other mediums besides the Pre smartphone? If you've followed Palm over the past few years, you may remember the ill-fated Foleo, a mobile companion for the Palm OS. That poor ship sunk before it ever left the harbor, but David Beers writes on his Software Everywhere blog that "by building a system using de facto cross-platform standards like JavaScript, WebKit, Java and Jetty, Palm has made a great platform for creating companion applications that can run on any desktop—Windows, Mac, or Linux—leveraging the same code that runs on the handset."

At the time Palm introduced it, the Foleo was ill-fated, but perhaps the idea and implementation was ahead of the OS that would make it attractive to a broad base of consumers. Maybe now that Palm can place the horse in front of the cart, we can expect to see a Foleo redux and hopefully webOS applications showing up on the desktop as well. What do you think, would you pick up a webOS-based Foleo II over another netbook?