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PalmCast Live is back tonight at 9 PM - TouchPad Special

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Tue, 05 Jul 2011 5:58 pm EDT

It's time for another Tuesday night PalmCast Live with your favorite mobile tech hosts, and boy is tonight going to be a fun one. It's Episode #143, though we've been calling it the "TouchPad Special", and for a very good reason.

Tonight's crew is a bit different than what we usual have. Derek Kessler is out to take care of other commitments that he has in the world, and in his place is a man we've often made fun of in our spare time; Host of the CrackBerry community and webOS noob, Kevin Michulak is filling in as our Guest Host tonight to bring a unique perspective of the HP TouchPad. With Kevin will be regular PalmCast Co-Hosts Adam Marks and Tim Stiffler-Dean, so you can expect a lot of good talk coming with tonight's show.

If you have any questions about the HP TouchPad, or any other topics that we bring up, head to twitter and use the #palmcast hashtag so we can reel it in and go off the script with a solid reply. And don't forget that we have our live chatroom up and running on the same page where you can catch our beautiful faces on the screen.

Come back here at 9PM Eastern tonight for the internet's best live webOS podcast on the internet live:PalmCast Live!