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PalmCast Live returns tonight at 8 PM

by Derek Kessler Tue, 14 Jun 2011 4:15 pm EDT

It's been few weeks since we've been able to get the gang back together, but it's Tuesday night and the stars have aligned: it's PalmCast Live! So join us tonight at 8PM Eastern (5PM Pacific, midnight UTC, and 8AM tomorrow in Bali) for the 143rd edition of the PalmCast.

Tonight the gang consists of Adam, Derek, Keith, and Tim, and given that it's been a whole three weeks since our last PalmCast, we'll have a lot to talk about. But we still want to talk with you too. There's the chat, which we'll probably just ignore, and the Twitter, where you can submit questions for the lightning round, just include the #palmcast hastag so we know where to find you.

Back here at 8PM Eastern is where the party is going to get started. It's the best live broadcast webOS podcast you'll ilsten to tonight, guaranteed.