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PalmCast Live talks webOS 2.0 tonight

by Derek Kessler Tue, 31 Aug 2010 9:37 pm EDT

PalmCast Live! Set your clocks, kiddies, because tonight at 8 PM is when it all goes down. That's right, PalmCast Live is back after last week's fun with HP's Rahul Sood, and this week we've got some big news to discuss: webOS 2.0. It's not out for your phone just yet, but we still learned plenty of newness about it today, and we want to talk about it, darnit!

Even with all this news, we've still got emails to respond to with our voices (it's amazing how it works, really) and we do that thing where we answer your Twitter queries that you tagged with the #palmcast hashtag. And maybe some other stuff, you never know. It is live, after all!

So join us tonight at 8 PM Eastern time for all the Palm talk you can handle.