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PalmCast Live is tonight at 8:30 PM (yes, it's Friday)

by Derek Kessler Fri, 03 Feb 2012 4:44 pm EST

Listen up webOS Nation, things are about to get c-razy up in here. And by c-razy, we mean PalmCast Live on Friday night, of all nights. We wanted to do it on our regular Tuesday, but things didn't come together as well as we had hoped, and considering that it's been weeks since our last live audio and visual outing, we figured, "What the heck, why not Friday?"

So PalmCast Live is tonight, at 8:30 PM Eastern (5:30 PM Pacific, 12:30 AM UTC). We know, it's a hard adjustment to fathom, and we can't guarantee there won't be other adjustments in the future. But should you have the time, go ahead and join Derek, Adam, and occasional interloper Rene as they talk over the world that is webOS. Should you not have the time... well, make the time.

And, as always, we love to hear from you - hit us up on Twitter, just include the #PalmCast hashtag in your tweet (we're hoping and praying and doing a little dance in the expectation that Twitter search does not suck tonight). Tonight. 8:30 Eastern. PalmCast Live. Be. There.