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Earlier today we broke the story that it appeared that PalmOS emulation would be possible on the webOS.  Well, in conjunction with their other announcements this afternoon, Palm has confirmed on their blog that this will be the case. 

The emulator, called "Classic," will be built by MotionApps, who have created great PalmOS apps like mVoice and mRign.  Details on what the "PalmOS Emulator" weren't released, but there you go: it's coming and it's coming from a developer with a history of creating rich and powerful PalmOS apps.  MotionApps wants "to help make the transition from Palm OS to webOS smooth and comfortable." 

We're happy to get smooth and comfortable, MotionApps, so kudos to you.  Palm, have you considered "fast and soon" for that transition?  We're kinda, you know, waiting for the Pre to get released here.

One last note: you will be able to use some PalmOS apps, but likely not all of them, as Engadget notes:

[you] "won't be able to leverage core webOS functionality," meaning that you probably can't expect pure bliss across all of your applications, particularly those with roots that go deeper into phone databases and the like.

Also notable (but not surprising) - Classic goes deeper than your standard webOS widget as far as access to the OS goes.

You can find out (slightly) more about Classic at MotionApps.

Official details after the break!

Palm also announced that MotionApps (www.motionapps.com) is creating an emulator application that will allow most Palm OS applications to run on webOS devices. The application, called “Classic,” will be available for purchase when the Palm Pre™ phone becomes available from Sprint in the first half of 2009, and gives users peace of mind as they transition to Palm’s new webOS.

Since Palm OS applications running in Classic won’t be able to leverage core webOS functionality, Palm is working with partners to ensure that popular Palm OS applications are made available on the webOS platform and are optimized to take advantage of everything it has to offer. In the meantime, the MotionApps Classic application will allow customers who have invested in the Palm OS platform to use Palm OS applications they’ve grown to love and depend upon on their new webOS devices.