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by effjot Sat, 19 Feb 2011 10:16 pm EST
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Florian Jenn
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Did you ever wonder how large an A2 sized paper is?  Or what size “Letter” and “Legal” are?

This little app contains a list of

  • all ISO 216 / DIN 476 paper size series (A, B, C, D)
  • common North American formats (e.g. Letter, Legal, Executive)
  • ANSI and Architecture formats
  • ISO/DIN and North American envelopes
  • photo print sizes

as a handy reference list.  Dimensions can be displayed in millimetres, inches, points and pixels (different DPI values can be selected from the preferences), as well as aspect ratios.

Touch the view menu (bar at the top) to select the different paper size series.

Currently available in German and English.  If you'd like to contribute another translation, I'd be happy if you contact me.

This app is also available from the App Catalog, but because of the lengthy review process there, the most current, sometimes a bit “beta”, version can be found here on Homebrew.

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