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by cdez Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:22 pm EST
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Parking Place was designed to be your very own parking assistant. This app is equipped with multiple ways to keep track of your location and make finding your parking spot, easier. Have you ever parked in a large parking lot or parked blocks away and can't find your car? Well now with Parking Place you can use the tracking feature (virtual compass) or Google walking, driving or transit directions to navigate back to your vehicle. Want to meet up with a friend? Send them a photo of you location along with the address and map view so they can meet you there. Why continue to memorize when your meter expires. With Parking Place you wont have to. If you no longer want to keep track of all of your location details in your head ,this is the app for you!
Additional options include: locations notes, ability to input the level, section, direction or color of where your car is parked, meter alarm with optional reminder , save multiple locations, multiple themes, etc.

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