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Patch: Advanced Configuration for App Launcher

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 15 Sep 2010 12:28 pm EDT

There are a lot of patches for webOS, but after awhile the most popular ones tend to become apparent until the good folks who create them turn them into 'Advanced' patches with lots of configuration options - to the point where they almost feel like full-fledged apps.

Such is the case with Advanced Configuration for App Launcher by Sconix. It basically makes all other Launcher patches unnecessary by offering darn near all of the as configurable options. Want to set the number of icons in a row and their spacing? Check. Want to add pages, name them, and manage their order? Check. Want to hide the QuickWave Launchbar? Check. It's the kind of patch that makes you want to donate to WebOS Internals.

Be sure to remove other Launcher-related patches before you install it then spend some time tweaking your settings. You'll be glad you did. New to patching and homebrew? No worries - this how-to article will get you started.