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Here's some of the latest talk from the forums:

  • If you're a Pixi owner and you often encounter performance issues - namely the always annoying "too many cards" issue - then the kind folks over at the webOS Internals group have a solution for you:  a replacement kernel.  Forum members are discussing in this thread about the virtues of installing custom kernels and their preferences in setting up the kernel management software known as Govnah.
  • Palm's next handset release is surely looming just around the corner, and forum members are chatting it up about what they think minimum specs for a flagship level phone should be.  The most popular items include higher-res screens , higher-res cameras, and faster processors.
  • A lot has happened during the time that webOS has been on the market, and dawizel1 in the cross-platform chat forum wants to know if anyone's looking to jump ship to Microsoft's upcoming Windows Phone 7 platform.
  • I personally don't mind it not being there, but there are plenty of webOS users who have been clamoring for a scroll bar in the browser.  There's good news for the lot of you, as TIWizard has created a patch that installs a scroll bar that works in both landscape and portrait modes.

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