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PDK Based Apps Coming to Pixi, Flash Will Only Work in The Browser

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 09 Mar 2010 10:41 pm EST

Engadget visited with Palm today at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and were able to gather some rather interesting information regarding the PDK (Plug-in Development Kit) and Flash. First, that applications utilizing the PDK won't be limited to the Pre and Pre Plus as previously thought, allowing developers to bring 3D games and applications that are built with a combination of the PDK and SDK to the Pixi with a performance difference similar to that of what you would  "see between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS."

We already know that the ability to release PDK based apps into the Catalog will come around the "second half of the year" with a webOS update, and we're also familiar with some of  the finer technical details regarding SDL and that developers will be able to mix and match components of the PDK with the SDK.

Palm also told Engadget that Flash will only work in the Browser  and can't be embedded into regular Mojo apps as components from the PDK can be, a revelation that's surely to come as a dissapointment to developers that were looking forward to utilizing that functionality in their applications.  If Palm is planning on implementing deeper access is anyone's guess, but Flash in the browser is better than no Flash at all, right?

Back to the PDK and the Pixi - we're still confirming some details and should have video evidence of PDK based applications running on the Pixi up by tomorrow.  

We'll have more details from our own meeting with Palm tomorrow, stay tuned!

Thanks to mrloserpunk for the tip!