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PDK Hot Apps Launches

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 16 Jul 2010 5:31 pm EDT


The PDK Hot Apps Program is launching slightly later than originally planned and slightly earlier than may be ideal for the developers who will benefit from the one million dollars in cash and prizes, but nevertheless it's here and if you're looking to do good by developers while buying some games, now's your chance.

The idea behind the PDK Hot Apps program is to encourage independent developers to create compelling 3D games for webOS for a chance at the top prize of $100,000 or runner up prizes of $50k, 10k, or $1k. We say it's launching a bit earlier than is ideal because until webOS 1.4.5 hits US carriers, US customers won't be able to install said apps and push those developers up the leaderboards. However, international customers have 1.4.5 and presumably version of the OS - complete with its unfortunate save-bug - will come to the US in the near future.

PDK Hot Apps runs through September 30th.

Source: Palm Developer Center