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PDK: No API for mic or camera, Pixi support preliminary

by The Keith Newman Wed, 31 Mar 2010 2:02 pm EDT

Developing for webOS has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you have the easiest mobile platform for web developers to target. On the other hand, the application-programming interfaces (APIs) for natively accessing important features aren't all fully baked yet. To wit: the microphone and camera. 

Now that Palm's Plugin Developer Kit (PDK) is out in public beta, there is renewed hope for getting these API's and therefore a new breed of applications.  Ben Combee (@unwiredben) of Palm's Developer Relations team is posting a series of FAQ's on his livejournal page and his has shared that the latest PDK will not include those API's for the mic or camera.  

We still hold out hope that access will come soon and apps like Shazam or true barcode scanners will become possible - but it looks like we'll be waiting a bit longer. 

You'll also find within the FAQ a tidbit on Pixi support for the PDK.  It's there, but in a VERY limited way.  Ben says you can try testing apps out for Pixi but we should keep in mind 3D gaming isn't intended for the initial build.

In general, we have a lot of hope for the PDK. The ability to mix and match traditional webOS formatting elements with native code could be a Big Deal for faster and more advanced apps.

Thanks to Gene for the tip! via PalmNewsDaily

Update: Ben Combee rightly posts an clarification that we neglected to mention with regard to camera access:

Added small clarification to FAQ on PDK camera support -- you can capture images from Mojo and then load them into a native PDK component.