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Perform diagnostic tests on your device

by Adam Marks Thu, 09 Dec 2010 3:02 pm EST

Device tests Want to check to see if you have any dead spots on your touchscreen? Worried that your accelerometer isn't functioning any more? Think your proximity sensor is busted? Instead of trekking into a repair center to check on these or trying to find a specific app that has the feature you want to test, there are actually some built-in tests that you can run yourself.  Just open up the Device Info app ( ) and swipe down from the top-left corner to bring down the Device Info application drop-down menu, choose Tests, and then either "Quick Tests…" or "Interactive Tests…"

  • If you choose "Quick Tests", the device will run some automated tests to check your phone's memory, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and the modem.
  • If you choose "Interactive Tests", you can choose from six categories of tests to check various aspects of the hardware, and even send your results to Palm if necessary.
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