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Petite Pixi Now Patchable with Preware, More Alliteration to Ensue

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 16 Nov 2009 7:38 pm EST

The newest version of Preware (version 0.9.8) adds patching support for Palm's newest handset, the Pixi. Thanks to the work of the webos-internals internals crew, the binary packages that are used to safely install and uninstall patches were re-compiled to support the Pixi's processor, which is different than that of the Pre.  This work is in addition to them porting these 100 plus patches from webOS 1.2.1 to webOS 1.3.1 in short order, and upgrading the server infrastructure and installation technology to support both webOS devices.

For those unfamiliar, patching through Preware can enhance the core functionality of your webOS device in many different ways.  You can, for example, add more pages to the launcher, view PDF files in landscape, lower the Swap threshold, add more reminder alarm times, in addition to nearly 100 other augmentations that are currently available. 

If you're interested in learning more, our forums are a bustling place, and are a great resource for those interested in learning more about patching, how to use their device in general, discussion and more.  The webos-internals group also maintains a forum here, where someone is sure to answer any Preware and patching questions you may have.