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Phil McKinney at MobileBeat 2010

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 12 Jul 2010 2:57 pm EDT


We're live at the MobileBeat 2010 conference! Phil McKinney, HP's CTO and friend to webOS and Palm takes the stage shortly. We'll update this post as he gives his keynote:

The Perfect Storm of Innovation Why do device makers need to innovate in software in the current market? How does this play into the coming deluge of connected devices? McKinney shares developments now underway at his own organization, including HP’s vision for next-generation connected devices, and how to tap into the promise of the cloud.

Keynote's over, folks! McKinney showed off some flexible display technology (but very far into the future). He also said he's excited to see webOS on Slate devices - but emphatically not THE Slate, McKinney was clear he wasn't making any announcements right now.

As expected, no new hardware announcements, but McKinney's understanding of the mobility market and his optimistic and open attitude should make webOS fans take heart. For the record, it does look like whatever the next hardware is going to be, it'll be based on Palm's current roadmap and not a complete reboot: "[Palm has] got some great plans and some great things coming, so stay tuned."

Last but not least, McKinney called out the homebrew and developer community around webOS more than once and it definitely didn't feel pro forma. Instead, looks like HP is genuinely enthused by how much all you homebrewers have accomplished.

Hit us up after the break for the full breakdown of the event, including McKinney's impromptu chart making skills.


8:48: yeah, let's just make this easier with a coveritlive embed, above.

8:45: Last year was about apps, this year is about the "superphone revolution."

8:42: Marshall does a killer Steve Jobs impression

8:40: Matt Marshall and Matthaus Krzykowski of MobileBeat take the stage to kick us off.

8:35: We're beginning with an intro video about the MobileBeat conference.