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by bMap1 Thu, 30 Dec 2010 9:23 pm EST
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If you use phone cards (calling cards) to make long distance & international calls from your cell phone,
then this is “must have” app.

Setup your card once and then call any number the same way you do with a local one: tap the number in phone contact list or just dial it by typing.

No need to dial card phone number and input phone card pin.

- Simple & intuitive interface
- Easy setup and modify card settings (forget about cryptic strings like “…123ttttt321p5678…“).
- Multiple cards support.
- “Phone Book“, with auto-fill, One-Touch-Dial and a lot of other useful features.
- List of recent calls (done through the “Phone Book”).
- Phone number extension support.
- Contact pictures support.
- “Sticky Card” mode: the number remembers the card it was used last time.
- Ability to insert destination phone number dial in the middle of the card dialing sequence.
- Customizable replacement for leading ’+’ sign.

Update 1.3.0 details:
- Added customizable replacement for leading ’+’ sign.

NOTE: We are happy to help you in case you have any problems with this app. Please, drop us an email to our support address (accessible through the app menu, app catalog page or our website). We are unable to help you if you just claim the problem in the app review. See our website for known limitations.

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