Picsel expands Smart Office support to webOS 1.4.5, qualifies as awesome in our book | webOS Nation

Picsel expands Smart Office support to webOS 1.4.5, qualifies as awesome in our book

by Derek Kessler Tue, 03 Jan 2012 8:10 pm EST

Say what you will about Picsel’s Smart Office document editing suite, but you can’t deny that they’ve shown quite the bit of commitment to webOS despite the fact that they didn’t get the special contract treatment provided to first DataViz and then QuickOffice. Picsel first released their PDK-based document-editing suite to TouchPad owners and shortly thereafter expanded it to webOS 2.x handsets like the Pre 2 and Pre3, providing document, spreadsheet, and PowerPoint editing support where the other two category stalwarts had failed.

Today Picsel took a step even further into the territory of just plain awesome with an update to Smart Office for webOS smartphones. This update did something amazing: they expanded Smart Office support all the way back to webOS 1.4.5, so practically anybody still running an original Sprint Pre and willing to part with $9.99 can download the app and nearly two-and-a-half years after the release and promise of document editing support finally do just that.

If you’re wondering how Picsel pulled off this feat, it’s actually rather simple. Smart Office is a PDK app and requires little in the way of API or framework support from webOS, while the solutions created by DataViz and QuickOffice were based on the Mojo and Enyo app frameworks (the former for Documents To Go and and QuickOffice on smartphones, the latter for QuickOffice on tablets) for webOS. Going PDK meant only minimal changes were needed to enable Smart Office to work on the original Pre. While we may not dig that being a PDK app means Smart Office’s control scheme differs from a traditional webOS app, we’ll forgive Picsel since it gives us what we’ve long longed for.

Source: App Catalog; Via: webOSroundup