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When the app review process proved to be an obstacle for getting Picsel’s Smart Office document editing suite into the webOS App Catalog, we were told to expect it in the latter half of the week. We could be mistaken, but Tuesday doesn’t fall into the “latter half,” but we’ll take it anyway. Picsel Smart Office is now available for download, with a price of $10 for the TouchPad document editor.

Picsel comes chock full of features, including viewing support for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and images, editing support for the first (and big) three, syncing with Google Docs and DropBox, formatting support for colors, fonts, alignment, images, and more, the ability to send as an email directly from the app, smooth zooming with page reflow, new document templates, and much more. Our only real hang up we can foresee is the not-webOS interface; only time will tell if we can get used to it.

You can grab Picsel Smart Office right now from the webOS App Catalog on your TouchPad for just $10.