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Picsel Smart Office now available on webOS smartphones, praise to Picsel!

by Derek Kessler Fri, 02 Dec 2011 8:21 pm EST

Are you ready for this, webOS Nation? Document editing has finally come to your webOS smartphone! And it came from not-officially-affiliated-or-contracted-with-HP third party developer Picsel. Take that QuickOffice and Documents To Go!

Picsel said when they launched their tablet version of Smart Office that they would be working on a phone version of their flagship document-editing app, but we certainly didn’t expect it to come this quickly or this awesomely. Like Smart Office on the TouchPad, the smartphone version is a PDK app with its own unique interface, right down to text selection (which, for what it’s worth, works much better than stock webOS) and back actions (there’s no gesture area support, which takes some getting used to).

Also as a PDK app with native coding, Smart Office on our Pre3 is supremely fast and smooth. In fact, we’d say it’s even creamier than you’ll get from Smart Office on a dual-core TouchPad. Certainly, it’s noticeably smoother than the built-in webOS apps (just try getting Calendar to swipe around this cleanly), and it definitely bests all third-party apps in the “this feels awesome” department.

We haven’t had the chance to put Smart Office through the paces on the Pre yet, but a quick walk through reveals that this shrunken version seems to have all the functionality of its full-sized counterpart. There’s just one hitch: it’s a separate app – “Smart Office P”, which means if you want document editing on both your TouchPad and your Pre, you’ll have to fork over $9.99 twice. Still, not a bad price for something we’ve been waiting for for nearly two and a half years.

Source: App Catalog; Thanks to DannyDanger1989 for the tip!