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Picsel SmartOffice hitting TouchPad on Monday – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint editing for $10

by Derek Kessler Fri, 21 Oct 2011 4:44 pm EDT

If you’ve got a TouchPad, right now your document editing options are limited to Quickoffice (which mercifully just received an update that makes it mostly usable) and Google Docs (which is still somewhat of a pain). Come Monday, however, there’ll be a new player in the webOS space: Picsel SmartOffice.

Following the powerful response of the webOS community, Picsel decided to continue on with their development of a document editor for the TouchPad. SmartOffice is due in the App Catalog on Monday, October 24, and will be bringing editing capabilities for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents (we’re still waiting on PowerPoint for Quickoffice). Like Quickoffice, Picsel’s offering will sync with Dropbox and Google Docs, unlike Quickoffice, SmartOffice will include a dynamically multi-page view (as opposed to the current zoomed-out single column), full screen viewing, and analglyph 3D stereo if you’r into such things.

Quickoffice was included with the TouchPad and the editing update came free of charge. Obviously, since Picsel doesn’t have that same deal with HP, they’ll have to charge for their app. Thankfully, they’re being very reasonable about it will be asking just $10 for SmartOffice. Right now this release is only for the TouchPad, but given the fact that Enyo now works everywhere, Picsel hinted that a smartphone version wasn’t far off.

Update: Picsel has let us know that the submission process hasn't gone as smoothly as planned (when does it ever?) and they're expecting publication later in the week. Hang tight, it's coming soon!

Source: Picsel UK, Twitter (price), Twitter (smartphones); Thanks to everybody that sent this in!