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Pivot out, Featured Apps back in

by Derek Kessler Mon, 12 Dec 2011 6:14 pm EST

Back when the HP TouchPad launched in July (was it really that long ago?), HP promised us a revolution in app discovery with an App Catalog-specific magazine titled Pivot. It was unique in the mobile space, and good enough to garner a finalist spot in the 2011 Digital Magazine Awards. But things have gone south for Pivot in recent months, starting with the complete absence of a new issue through all of October, with the "Sports Issue" finally landing in November. We're now well into December and without a new issue of Pivot, and opening the App Catalog on the TouchPad is any indication, we might not be getting a new issue any time soon  - or ever. We're now halfway back to square one, with a Featured Apps screen viewed on launch as we were before the first issue of Pivot arrived, but at least with multiple Pivot-like pages. It's no magazine, with nothing in the way of editorial content - it's just a few groupings of featured apps including Shopping and Games sections. Hopefully we won't have to sit and stare at these same featured apps for months on end this time...

Update: HP has confirmed: Pivot is dead. Well, "on hold", which is corporate speak for dead.