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Pixi Artist-Series backs: $49.99, shipping early December

by Derek Kessler Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:00 am EST

Palm Pixi Artist Series Backs

Interested in one of those special Artist Series backs for your new Palm Pixi? It’ll set you back a cool Ulysses S. Grant (plus applicable taxes). Palm has announced that the five Artist Series backs will go for $49.99 a pop and won’t be shipping until early December, though you can place a pre-order on Sunday.

All of the backs are Touchstone-compatible and part of a limited edition run. And by limited edition we mean limited edition - each is numbered and signed by the artist, and only 5000 of each design will be made. Once the first run of backs is sold out, Palm plans to commission more backs from more artists to continue the unique limited-edition-ness of the Artist Series backs. If the Pixi sells anywhere as well as the Centro did, the odds of running into another Pixi owner with the same Artist Series back will be astronomically high.

The Artist Series Backs will only be available through Sprint (retail stores and online) and Palm.com. Once we have a firm shipping date, we’ll let you know.