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Pixi to be just $24.95 at Wirefly

by Derek Kessler Sat, 14 Nov 2009 7:41 pm EST

Palm Pixi If $100 at Sprint was a deal, and $30 at Walmart a deal, what’s $25? Wirefly, that’s what it is. Online phone retailer Wirefly is launching the Palm Pixi at a price lower than you’ll find anywhere else: $24.95 for new contract customers. Current Sprint customers won’t left out in the cold either - they’ll be able to pick up the Pixi from Wirefly for a mere $99.99 with a renewed contract. Both new customers and current Sprint subscribers will be treated to a rebate-free experience.

It seems that Sprint is really the only place you’ll have to deal with mail-in-rebates, which is a shame as that’s still where most customers will get their phones. But with deals around like this from reputable dealers, there’s little reason to deal with the hassle and cost of buying from Sprint. A new contract customer getting a Pixi from a Sprint store will have to fork over $199.99 out the door and wait weeks to get the $100 rebate back. Getting a Pixi from Wirefly will save you $175 at purchase over Sprint, and at this pricing the Pixi is becoming a dangerous contender in the smartphone sales volume fight.

Note: The Wirefly website will not show the Pixi’s pricing until midnight.