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Here's some of the latest talk in the forums:

  • How has Palm's "Project Jump-start" been going?  If forum members' recent encounters with the Verizon sales force at large is any indication, probably not as well as hoped.
  • User onemadrssn is thinking of making the switch from the Pre to the Pixi and wants your opinion.  It's not as crazy a proposition as one might think.  I've already weighed in on the matter, and so should you.  
  • You use Preware, you love Preware, and now you can donate to the folks behind Preware to keep the effort going in the webOS-Internals "telethon" thread.  
  • You're few, you're proud, and you're the folks who use the GSM version of the Pre in unsupported territories.  User tomi666 has put together a contest dubbed "the world cup of unofficial Pre users" that ranks countries by the amount of Pre owners. 

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