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Playboy outs pricing for TouchPad and Pre3?

by Derek Kessler Sun, 15 May 2011 11:58 am EDT

Looking forward to getting yourself an HP TouchPad and Pre3 smartphone, no matter the cost? Thanks to Playboy magazine (we read it for the articles, people), we might have a better idea of what these upcoming webOS devices are going to cost. According to a feature on new and upcoming technology bits, Playboy states the price of the Pre3 as being $200 with a contract, and the TouchPad sitting pretty at $500. They even go so far as to call webOS underrated when talking about the TouchPad – in fact in both entries they talk about how awesome webOS is instead of having to rely on pesky things like specs (ignore the "11.5-inch display" at the start, that's talking about something else, probably a laptop).

Of course, it’s possible that Playboy is just speculating here, but the prices are in line with what we’re expecting for both devices. Naked women and new gadgets; it’s like Playboy knows their target audience or something.

Source: Playboy (pages 90 and 91); Thanks to Rob for the tip and photos!

Update: Playboy editor Jason Buhrmester pinged us on Twitter to let us know that the prices published by Playboy, were, as we mused, just estimates on their part, and not actual confirmed pricing. Still, we're glad to see the TouchPad and Pre3 getting coverage outside the tech media, and we don't think those prices are far off at all. In fact, we'd say they're probably only off by a single penny.