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Playing media files in USB Drive mode

by Adam Marks Wed, 03 Nov 2010 3:40 pm EDT

Hopefully everyone knows that you can plug in your webOS device to speakers, a car stereo or any device with an auxiliary input jack using the phone's headphone jack to output audio, but did you know that if you can also connect your phone to a media player that has a USB input? As detailed on an Official Palm Blog entry, many modern TVs or stereos that have an input for a USB plug will allow your phone to act the same as a thumb drive, allowing you to access any media file (music, videos and pictures) over that USB connection. Of course, each TV, home entertainment system, car stereo or speakers will have different procedures  on how to access the files once connected, but to initiate that connection just plug in your device through the USB cord and select "USB Drive" (as if you were connecting to your computer). And as a bonus, this will charge the battery, too.

Be advised that just because an external device has a USB input, this may not work for you. As stated in the original posting, "some gadgets implement USB connections in a non-standard way, [so] we can’t guarantee this will work."

Source: The Official Palm Blog; Thanks to tllemmon for suggesting this tip!


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