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by webos catalog Sun, 13 Feb 2011 7:24 pm EST
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--- Updates ---
* Make app working for webOS 2 devices (Pre 2 and Veer)
* Use relative paths as defaultt

"Why we need another playlist app ?" I hear you asking. Because they all have one problem: They are closed systems, so you cannot use your playlist e.g. in the Music Player app.
This is the first playlist app allowing you to store your playlists on your phone and use them in other applications. You can also play your lists right in the app, with an simple build-in audio player.
Create as many playlists you like, delete & reorder the songs or add new ones, even if you're playing the list.

Note: This app requires an internet connection (normally < 2kb) to tranfer the playlists to your device.

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