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PocketMirror local Outlook sync now available

by Derek Kessler Thu, 11 Jun 2009 11:20 am EDT

Outlook to Palm Pre Synchronization

Mac users and Mark/Space aren’t the only ones getting their local sync on this morning. Chapura has announced a free beta of their own solution for Outlook users on Windows: PocketMirror. Like The Missing Sync, PocketMirror creates a new Synergy profile on your Palm Pre and syncs over your Wi-Fi network. PocketMirror will connect with your Outlook contacts and calendar and port everything seamlessly onto your Pre, and back again when you make an edit. This is great news for all you Outlook users out there!

The PocketMirror beta is available right now in two parts. The Palm Pre component is a free download from your on-device App Catalog, and the desktop component is ready for download (also free) from Chapura’s website.