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by webos catalog Tue, 08 Mar 2011 3:23 am EST
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Free 7-day trial. PocketMirror for webOS 2 is the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks synchronization solution for HP webOS 2. Complete two-way synchronization transfers information between Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Tasks.

*** Support for syncing multiple Outlook Calendar and Contacts subfolders and public folders.
*** PocketMirror synchronizes over the local Wi-Fi.
*** Outlook data is never stored or passed through the internet; this is a direct synchronization between the PC and webOS device over the local Wi-Fi network.

PocketMirror synchronizes Outlook Notes and Tasks with its enhanced PocketMirror Notes and PocketMirror Tasks webOS applications which are included with the purchase of PocketMirror. PocketMirror synchronizes Outlook Calendar and Contacts with the built in webOS Calendar and Contacts applications.

PocketMirror Tasks is a premier task / to-do management app for webOS. PocketMirror Tasks features include
- Alarms with variable snooze options.
- Recurrence patterns.
- Regenerating/Repeating tasks.
- Group and sort tasks, by date, priority, and alphabetically.
- View tasks by categories.
- Designed with GTD / Getting Things Done users in mind.
- Advanced search.

PocketMirror Notes is a premier notes / memo app for webOS. PocketMirror Notes features include:
- View notes by categories.
- Most recent list.
- Full-text search
- E-mail notes.

Wi-Fi is required to use PocketMirror. No USB support.

This is a 7 day trial. PocketMirror for webOS 2 is $39.95 to purchase and is a free upgrade to current PocketMirror for webOS customers.

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