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Pogue Mad as Hell about Carrier "Beep" Policy; Asks for Our Help...

by Annie Latham Thu, 30 Jul 2009 4:07 pm EDT

We didn't get Visual Voicemail on the Pre.  Which means we have to call in to our voicemail to hear our messages.  ...Which means waiting while that hateful woman (who, come to think of it, is probably related to the Creepy Palm Pre Ad Girl) gives us instructions, eating up minutes.

In today's Pogue's Post, New York Times tech columnist, David Pogue has asked for our help in his proposed "Take Back the Beep" campaign.

These messages are outrageous for two reasons. First, they waste your time. Good heavens: it’s 2009. WE KNOW WHAT TO DO AT THE BEEP [...] Second, we’re PAYING for these messages. These little 15-second waits add up–bigtime. 

His post is a rallying cry that we ought to jump on:

We’re going to descend, en masse, on our carriers. Send them a complaint, politely but firmly. Together, we’ll send them a LOT of complaints.

Pogue has provided links (Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile) to make it even easier to participate.

Maybe Pogue is today's Howard Beale ("Network").  If this campaign works, we vote the next one be about SMS price hikes.  The one after that, paying for incoming calls and texts (people in Europe don't). Maybe, just maybe, by then we'll be ready to take on Verizon's App Store limitations.