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Possible Palm Profile issues causing (temporary) device wipes? [Updated]

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 21 Jul 2010 10:52 pm EDT

Bevcraw points us to a PreCentral Forum thread where several members are reporting that they woke up this morning to devices that had been forced into being wiped clean and needed to be restored. That's the bad news, but we're not hitting the panic button just yet. The good news is that Palm architected webOS from the get-go to make reliable, daily backups so data loss is at a minimum, instead users are just made to re-sync their devices with their Palm Profiles to restore their data.

Near as we can tell, what's happening is that some phones are getting disconnected from their associated Palm Profile. As anybody who has switched up webOS devices knows, you can only have one phone logged in at a time to any given Palm Profile and any other phone will get prompted to be reset and wiped clean (leaving the data on the USB storage there, of course).

We've reached out to Palm for comment, but in the meantime we're still collecting data points here. If you've recently had your Pre randomly tell you that you're logged out of your Palm Profile and had to go through the initial setup again to get things working, please hit up this thread and let the community know what you experienced, when it happened, on which network, and heck, a general idea of where you live wouldn't hurt. 

Thanks bevcraw!

Update: Palm has released a statement on the issue and it's pretty much as we suspected. Some users are getting logged out of their Palm Profile, but data loss is at a minimum:

"Palm has heard reports from a small number of customers that they are being inadvertently signed out of their Palm Profile. These customers are able to sign back in and sync their data by tapping the restart button on the screen. We are working to diagnosis the cause."